What happens inside a struggling team

The SPIN, The Rally Pod team analyze Hyundai's 2022 struggles and what it's like to work in that kind of atmosphere


Everyone knows that Hyundai’s 2022 World Championship wasn’t the easiest of years.

It might have ended up finishing the season on a high, but for the most part, there were a lot of internal politics holding it back from reaching its full potential. And primarily, it all began with its i20 N Rally1 not being entirely ready for the start of the season.

And although we got snippets of what the atmosphere was like at Hyundai, there aren’t many that can truly appreciate what it’s like from the inside.

That is until our latest episode of SPIN, The Rally Pod.

In our latest podcast, Nate Tennis and George Donaldson discuss what it’s like working within a team when the year just isn’t going your way, and how that could have affected Hyundai in 2022.

So sit back, and spend an hour of your day understanding just what it’s like to be a member of a WRC team when the backs are against the wall.