Why gender is no obstacle to a WRC broadcasting career

Becs Williams joins Lisa O'Sullivan to share the secrets of her career


Throughout DirtFish Women’s Month, we’ve set out to tell the stories of the women that have either lived and breathed, or currently are living and breathing, a successful motorsport career.

That goal encompasses showcasing the diversity of roles women work in across all facets of motorsport – whether it be as drivers, co-drivers, team managers, mechanics, engineers, or members of the media.

There are few female journalists and broadcasters out there that can boast as long a career as Becs Williams has had, working in the World Rally Championship for 20 years.

She joins old friend and colleague Lisa O’Sullivan for a special, bonus episode of SPIN, The Rally Pod to share the secrets of her career.

“Every single job a man does, a woman can do, there’s no question about that,” said Williams.

“But I think sometimes women can feel maybe ‘I can’t do that, maybe it’s too much coming into a male-dominated space’, but I hope [the fact] that through people like myself, yourself, are out there and doing these kinds of jobs is a bit of inspiration but also a confidence booster for people to say ‘aw yeah, I can do it.’

“There’s no reason they can’t. I don’t come from a motorsport background at all, my parents don’t drive a car! No-one in my family drove before me and my two older brothers.”

Set aside 45 minutes of your day and listen in as Williams and O’Sullivan reminisce about their days working on WRC rally radio and discuss what it’s like to be a female broadcaster in motorsport.