Nitro Rallycross unveils first images of its electric 2022 car

Travis Pastrana wants the FC1-X to "usher in a new era"

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Nitro Rallycross has unveiled the first images of its 2022 electric car, the FC1-X, in its full form.

The car is being co-developed by leading rallycross outfit Olsbergs MSE and electromobility specialists QEV Technologies, and had previously been showcased without bodywork. The initial renders of the platform were first shown on DirtFish last December, but this is the first time the car has been seen as the completed article.


While the car is SUV-like, outwardly it will have a more sporty appearance. The images show that the vehicle will take a coupe-like form, with a sloping rear section that features a large rear wing that is connected to a smaller roof spoiler by a central ‘shark fin’.

There are also flared front fenders, and NRX said the car’s bodywork has been “precision engineered so that competitors can make minute changes to adapt the vehicle to their individual driving styles”.

Underneath, the car makes use of a robust spaceframe construction and there’s over a foot of suspension travel at each corner, allowing it to perfectly handle the punishing tracks that NRX is known for.

“With the FC1-X, our goal was to create the toughest and fastest rallycross car ever built for competition,” said NRX pioneer Travis Pastrana.

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“A car that will be able to excite the drivers and the fans while withstanding the toughest tracks in motorsport.

“That’s a tall order, but after having the opportunity to work with the best in the business we’re excited to see the results.”

The FC1-X’s 1000bhp, four-wheel-drive electric drivetrain will launch it to 60mph from a standstill in just 1.5 seconds, making it the quickest and most powerful rallycross car built to date.

While modern and forward-thinking in design, the FC1-X does take inspiration from the past – specifically from the monstrous cars of the Group B era in rallying – and Pastrana said he wants it to usher in a new era he has dubbed ‘Group E’.

Travis Pastrana - Lifestyle
With more torque, acceleration and top speed than any current rallycross Supercar, you have to see it to believe it Travis Pastrana

“Group B cars were the baddest cars ever rallied,” said Pastrana. “With that in mind, we are proud to name this new era of car, Group E.

“With more torque, acceleration and top speed than any current rallycross Supercar, you have to see it to believe it.”

At first, each car in NRX’s electric series will utilize the same bodywork concept, but eventually, as previously reported, manufacturers will integrate their own crossover or SUV designs, the car providing them a perfect platform to showcase their road car products.

“The overall mission of the FC1-X is to show the world the massive performance potential in electric vehicles by creating the fastest rallycross car ever seen,” said Joe Carr, CEO of NRX parent company Thrill One Sports & Entertainment.

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“The tremendous capabilities of the FC1-X, combined with NRX’s incredible tracks, sets the stage for an entirely new type of racing supercharged with wide open action and high-adrenaline thrills.”

NRX plans to introduce an all-electric one-make competition utilizing the FC1-X next year, running alongside the headline Supercar class. Eventually EVs will take the place of combustion-engined cars in the main game, but for the immediate future both will run in parallel.

The first batch of FC1-Xs have already been sold, with Vermont SportsCar, Dreyer & Reinbold Racing, Olsbergs MSE, Grönholm RX, Xite Energy Racing, and Good Times Racing among the customers.


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Photography:Nitro Rallycross

Words:Dominik Wilde