Take a Look Back at Launch Control Season 5

With the season 5 finale quickly approaching, we have taken the time to compile the previous eleven episodes for you to get caught up before 2017 wraps up! It has been a season full of new faces, new racing series and extreme success throughout the year.

Launch Control: Rally Perce Neige / Sandell in Sweden – Episode 5.01

Launch Control: Oregon Trail Rally / Rallycross Testing – Episode 5.02

Launch Control: Memphis Global Rallycross – Episode 5.03

Launch Control: Olympus Rally – Episode 5.04

Launch Control: STPR Rally and GRC Thompson – Episode 5.05

Launch Control: Global Rallycross visits Ottawa, Canada – Episode 5.06

Launch Control: Climb to the Clouds at Mt. Washington – Episode 5.07

Launch Control: New England Forest Rally 2017 – Episode 5.08

Launch Control: GRC Atlantic City 2017 – Episode 5.09

Launch Control: Ojibwe Forests Rally 2017 – Episode 5.10

Launch Control: Global Rallycross Seattle – Episode 5.11