Vermont SportsCar acquires two new Nitro RX cars

The leading US outfit is deciding whether to run four FC1-Xs itself or loan two out


American race team Vermont SportsCar has stepped up its commitment to Nitro Rallycross to run twice as many of the sensational, all-electric FC1-X cars next season.

Widely regarded as America’s pre-eminent preparation firm for rallying and rallycross, Vermont SportsCar will run four Group E-specification FC1-Xs in the 2023/24 Nitro RX season.

The Milton-based firm, which has dominated the American Rally Association for more than a decade now, re-wrote Nitro Rallycross history with a maiden 1-2 finish as Travis Pastrana headed team-mate Conner Martell in Phoenix.

Speaking to DirtFish from Vermont SportsCar’s ground-breaking facility in the Vermont mountains, company founder and president Lance Smith said: “The interest we are seeing for Nitro Rallycross and Group E is really high right now and we’re exploring all options to expand and grow with the series.

“What Nitro Rallycross has put together has been exceptional. Between the quality of the racing, the track design, the TV package and the cars themselves, it’s a compelling formula that we believe in.”


Smith admitted he was still looking at options for the additional two cars, which could be run by Vermont SportsCar or with VSC assistance for a satellite team.

Monster Energy RX Cartel’s Robin Larsson lifted the maiden Nitro Group E crown at the season finale in Los Angeles last weekend.

President of Nitro Rallycross Brett Clarke was pleased to see Vermont SportsCar’s increased commitment and added that manufacture interest in the series and the 1000bhp electric cars is high.

The FC1-X has been designed to offer manufacturers the opportunity to modify the bodywork to represent a model from their own range.

Clarke said: “Following the first global season, we are having exciting discussions with several manufacturers regarding their involvement in Nitro Rallycross. From the beginning, we have worked with First Corner to design the FC1-X to incorporate the bodywork of numerous SUV and CUV models from manufacturers around the globe.

“That adaptability, along with the FC1-X’s boundary-breaking performance, makes it a compelling marketing platform for OEMs as EV momentum continues to accelerate.”

Nitro Rallycross pioneer Pastrana and Martell will remain with Vermont SportsCar next season.