GCK reveals the Lancia Delta Evo-e

The outfit has previewed the first of its 'Exclusiv-e' electric restomods, tested by Didier Auriol


World Rallycross outfit GCK has unveiled the first of its new range of ‘Exclusiv-e’ electric restomods, based on the legendary Lancia Delta Integrale.

First announced last year, the Delta Evo-e takes the original Lancia body but not much else from the original to create a true modern interpretation of the classic.

The bodywork is stripped down to its bare metal and strengthened, with all remaining original parts also improved to increase reliability. The interior goes through a modernization process to incorporate the latest infotainment technology, while the drivetrain is completely swapped out for an all-electric equivalent, albeit retaining the power output and four-wheel-drive characteristics of the original.

Unlike many high-performance EVs on the market, the Delta Evo-e keeps a manual transmission which GCK says will “excite even those most sceptical”.

“We chose the Lancia Delta Integrale to launch this project because it is a vehicle that made us all dream,” said GCK boss Guerlain Chicherit. “It is the rally car par excellence, without doubt the most incredible of its era, and one that remains hugely popular with rally enthusiasts – something which I am to this day.”

Didier Auriol, the 1994 World Rally champion and 11-time rally winner behind the wheel of Lancia Deltas in the ‘90s, has been involved in the project and recent put the car through its paces at Circuit de Charade in France.

“I am delighted that GCK has chosen the Delta as the first model of GCK Exclusiv-e,” he said. “This car brings back so many memories.”

“I was quite sceptical before trying the Evo-e, but I can now guarantee that its driving sensations are exceptional.”

Only 36 Delta Evo-es will be made, with a further 11 hotter Evo-e Rallyes also planned, with both models available for sale globally. They will be fully homologated to comply with recently implemented legislation that legalised retrofitting and conversion of older cars like this, and all will be built to the UTAC CERAM standard.

“As electrification gains ground in many industries, GCK Industry, which includes the luxury brand GCK Exclusiv-e, was created to integrate electric technology in a wide range of vehicles,” said Eric Boudot, managing director of Green Corp Konnection (GCK).

“Our advanced expertise in powertrain components (engine, battery, gearbox, VCU, transmission and fuel cell) allows us to convert cars, heavy vehicles (trucks, buses, industrial machinery) and boats and thus promote the energy transition.

“This can deliver a significant economic impact for our customers by allowing them to retro-fit, rather than replace, their fleet.”