Hansens stay with restructured family World RX team

Brothers to pair up again, as team shifts main operation to Sweden


World Rallycross champion Timmy Hansen will defend his title alongside brother Kevin Hansen in a restructured Team Hansen set-up for 2020.

While the team will continue to campaign its pair of Peugeot 208 WRXs, the squad will now primarily be based out of Sweden as opposed to France where its cars have been serviced and maintained in recent seasons.

“It’s just us and shows just how hard we’ve been working to get this together,” Timmy Hansen told DirtFish of the changes that the team has made over the winter.

“We’ve also had to do a lot of restructuring within the team, so we’ve chosen to get a new crew of mechanics and I’m really happy with how that turned out.

“It’s great mix of good experience and young young guys. I’m very happy with the team we’ve got this year.”

The team will continue to be run by Kenneth and Susan Hansen, with Graham Rodemark overseeing the engineering department.


Over the winter the team has worked on refining its 208 WRXs, prefering to make minor tweaks rather than sweeping changes to the proven platform.

“Last year we didn’t have a single technical error on the car [and] that had an impact on the result. That’s a high target to set for a team, for the mechanics being so sharp all the time but that’s what we need to do,” said Hansen.

“We have worked over the winter on a few key areas but we’re also trying to be quite conservative.

“I feel very comfortable with everything I’ve got and the package and we are a small team so we don’t have the resources to do any big updates and big work so with that in mind I have been pushing quite hard to take steps very slowly and very carefully.

“I think the changes we do make are very well thought through, very well worked around and we can be quite certain that they are in the right direction, but there will be no big difference on the car.

“But we cannot stand still as well, we need to continue pushing and that’s the balance so we have a good concept and that’s still the DNA of the car.”