Hoosier Racing Tires announced as “Official Rally Tire of DirtFish Rally School”


Snoqualmie, WA, March 21, 2018 – DirtFish is proud to announce Hoosier Racing Tire as the official rally tire of DirtFish Rally School. DirtFish is excited to use solely Hoosier Gravel Rally Tires on their fleet of Subaru rally cars. Both DirtFish and Hoosier Tire offer their unique marketing and promotional opportunities to each other along with research and development capabilities. Along with providing rally tires for the entire fleet of Subaru rally cars at DirtFish, Hoosier will provide a quality tire to DirtFish alumni and rally competitors by selling tires directly through DirtFish.

For more than sixty years, Hoosier has built an unparalleled reputation for manufacturing the best racing tires in the world. What began as a dream of producing better tires for the small asphalt tracks of Northern Indiana eventually grew into a world-renowned brand known for building custom tires for different racing disciplines. Today, Hoosier produces over one thousand different types of racing tires, including an impressive line of gravel rally tires.

“This is a very rare and exciting opportunity to partner with DirtFish in developing and promoting motorsports,” stated Hoosier Tire Circuit Racing Product Manager, Tim Gilvin. “Our relationship offers a unique conversation on development not just on tires, but in different racing opportunities as well. The Dirtfish team is much more than rally. Their passionate drivers cross over into all venues of racing which allows them to bring different driving experiences back to the classroom. The DirtFish name is globally recognized and teaches students from all over the world which benefits all drivers.”

DirtFish is a year-round organization operating in every type of condition a rally driver will face, so the challenge of high-performance driving on gravel, mud, and pavement places extreme demands on tires. This provides an excellent test of tire technology and durability, which Hoosier uses for continual development of their products. If a Hoosier tire can survive the rigors of a week at DirtFish, it can certainly handle the stress of rally competition.

DirtFish General Manager, Malli Sheaffer states, “Hoosier rally tires are perfect for our school’s year round demands in terms of durability, grip and longevity. Our students and competitors alike all recognize Hoosier Racing Tire being the best choice when it comes to rally tires. We are delighted to be partnered with Hoosier Racing Tire!”

About DirtFish

Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range and just a mere 30 miles from Seattle in the scenic town of Snoqualmie, WA, DirtFish Rally School was established in 2010 with the idea that the exciting sport of rally should be accessible to everyone. More than just a rally school, DirtFish recognizes that advanced car control skills taught on loose surfaces like gravel and mud directly translate to track, desert, autocross or street driving. Professional DirtFish instructors pride themselves in teaching car control, confidence and safety behind the wheel through various driving techniques built from the roots of rally. From 15 years of age with a learner’s permit, all the way up to the sophisticated age of 90, DirtFish has a program for everyone!

About Hoosier Tire Corporation

Hoosier Racing Tire is the largest race tire manufacturer in the world, currently producing over 1,000 different types of race tires. Hoosier has its own 300 miles per hour test wheel, a state-of-the-art technology center, and fully-integrated production facilities along with a high-tech mixing plant with enough capacity to produce not only for Hoosier Racing Tire, but also the ability to produce rubber for additional entities as well as a model sales and distribution network. With hundreds of race winners crowned annually, Hoosier truly provides “Tires Designed for Champions.”

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