Matias Henkola’s unique Audi Quattro up for sale

Now's your chance to get your hands on this sensational and one-of-a-kind machine


It’s Group B. Only better. Matias Henkola’s Audi Quattro E2 is one of the most exciting rally cars on the planet. It’s historic and contemporary. It’s our kind of juxtaposition. And now, it’s for sale.

For those who might have missed this one, have a look here at what Henkola’s Audi is all about. And now let’s hear from Matias about why he’s selling it. And the thinking better be good.

“I want to make an even faster one,” the Finn told DirtFish.

That makes us happy.


“The car we have now is kind of the second evolution for us,” he said. “The car has the bigger turbo, sequential gearbox and some tricks, but I want us to make a new one.

“I have shell from another Quattro that we’re ready to start work on, but this time I want to make it into an even more modern version. We’re going to put suspension and other components from the Rally2 car in there.

“I will be sad to see this car go. It’s a fantastic car, but we want to go to the next level now.”

As you might have gathered from the video, Henkola is a man on a mission. His firm Secto Automotive sponsors Rally Finland, but the even bigger picture for him is the promotion of sustainable rallying through the use of P1’s fossil-free fuel and LubriCan’s similarly fossil-free oils and lubricants.

“I want to be able to take the new Audi to shows and events and make an even bigger noise about what we’re doing,” he added. “Trust me, when you see a Group B car coming past you sideways at 160kph, with all four wheels spinning, it’s not something you forget.”

Transmission and suspension are fair game for change in the new car, but one thing stays. All five Ingolstadt-sourced cylinders.

“The noise is so important in this sport,” he said. “The sound this car makes people smile, but more importantly, it makes them remember seeing the car. And when they see the car, they see a sustainable car having zero impact on the environment. That’s so important.”

Ever wondered what it’s like to actually feel that noise?

Maybe it’s time to listen to your own five-cylinder symphony.

Words:David Evans