Hoonicorn takes on world’s fastest machines

US rally star Ken Block pitches the 1400bhp Mustang against the McLaren Senna in the first of a new web series

How many of us have spent hours pitting the frightfully fast Hoonicorn V2 up against all manner of machines on Forza Horizon 4?

I’m definitely among that crowd, and it appears the Hoonigan team are too – but they’re going one better, by doing it in real life.

In a new web series titled Hoonicorn vs. The World, the 1400 bhp, twin-turbo Mustang with a rally-derived four-wheel-drive system lines up against some of the world’s fastest cars to see if the unique monster’s virtual world performance holds a candle to the real world.

“When the Hoonicorn made its way into Forza Horizon, it was one of the fastest vehicles in the game,” said Block. “I noticed that players liked to drag race it – a lot – against all the other cars in the game.


“So, we wanted to take that idea from the video game world to real life and see how the Hoonicorn stacks up against a wild assortment of vehicles! The Hoonigans already have a great setup to do this on an airfield with their show This vs. That, so we’re making a special spinoff series of the show with Hoonicorn vs. the World.”

The first episode shows the Hoonicorn race against a McLaren Senna.

The all-carbon fiber supercar is very much the potent track weapon, with a Ricardo-developed 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 sending 789 horses to the rear wheels. It’ll do 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds and can also crack 208 mph without breaking a sweat.

But with nearly half the power and only half as many driven wheels, how will it stack up to the Hoonicorn? Check out the video above to find out.

Words:Dominik Wilde

Photos:Hoonigan Racing Division