Subaru thrilled to return Gymkhana to its origins

11 years on from its last appearance in the series, Subaru is will once again play a central role in the next Gymkhana video


After playing a starring role in the first two installments of the iconic Gymkhana viral video series, Subaru will return to the fold for the upcoming sequel.

With Ken Block, now of Ford, stepping aside for the latest video and passing the reins onto Subaru factory driver Travis Pastrana, the Japanese marque will once again be at the forefront of what promises to be one of the biggest internet hits of 2020.

“For years, fans have been asking for Gymkhana to come back to Subaru where it began,” said William Stokes, motorsports manager for Subaru of America. “With Travis on board and ready to put his own spin on the series, Subaru is up to the challenge and ready to turn his ideas into reality. We’re thrilled to be bringing Gymkhana back to Subaru and can’t wait to see what Travis is going to come up with.”

Details of Pastrana’s Gymkhana, its filming location, and the nature of the Subaru vehicle he will be driving, remain a closely guarded secret, but the five-time US rally champion is itching to get going.

“What Ken has done with Gymkhana over the years has really been amazing,” he said. “But I think he made a big mistake giving me a shot at doing one of my own! I’ve got some ideas that I think can blow Ken’s videos out of the water, and Subaru is on board to provide a car to do it. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be unlike any Gymkhana you’ve ever seen before.”


Words:Dominik Wilde

Photo:Subaru of America