DirtFish Rally School offers second women-only day

The first course on March 18 sold out in hours, so now a second is on offer on March 25

Driver Group 2-136

Rarely are courses at DirtFish Rally School compared with hot cakes. Today they are.

Hot cakes, as we all know, sell quickly. Very quickly. We’ve got something that sells quicker: spaces on DirtFish Women’s Month women-only course.

Just hours after we opened the door for an exclusively female March 18, it was sold out. The answer? More of the same. That’s how March 25 is now also women-only, but this time it’ll be the Subaru WRX rather than the rear-drive BRZ that’s in action.

Josie Rimmer is leading DirtFish Women’s Month and was understandably delighted at the immediate response when the classes went on sale.

Driver Group 2-31

“That was amazing,” she said. “To see the spaces in the class just disappearing as soon as they went on sale was fantastic.

“When you launch events like this, you have a good feeling about them – but it’s only when you see the take-up that you realize how needed it really was.

“We called this one right. And that’s why the second date was so important. We had so many calls chasing this – we simply had to make it happen.

“I’m so proud of what we have planned and what we’re putting together for March,” she added.

“These events [details of which will be communicated in coming weeks] simply can’t be missed – they will include some of the most legendary women in the sport. But most of all, I can’t wait to see women catching the rally ‘bug’ here and taking their skills out on to the stage.”

So, if you want a seat for March 25, call the number below – but be quick. If you fancy something that sells a bit slower, try a hot cake.

To book for March 25, call DirtFish on (001) 425 888 7715.