How to become a rally driver

Think becoming a rally driver is a pipe dream? Think again. DirtFish can help make your dream a reality. Here's how...

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Becoming a rally driver. For most of us it remains a dream, but it’s perhaps not as unrealistic as you’d think. Here at DirtFish, we are explaining why.

During 2021 our instructors at the world-leading DirtFish Rally School and writers at DirtFish Media are dissecting all aspects of rallying, bit by bit, to offer you the experts’ view on how to become a rally driver.

DirtFish’s lead instructor Nate Tennis will be integral to this process, and he is being ably helped by his colleague Eric Schofhauser too as they look to tell you how to best use the brakes, how to powerslide, how to perfect a jump and how to left-foot brake, among several other skills.

Other topics we cover include how to buy a modern and historic rally car, the differences between gravel and asphalt driving technique and set-up, how to be a co-driver and write pacenotes, how to organize a rally, how to make your rally car go faster and even what you need to go and spectate.

And if you’re reading this, you’re already halfway there to making the dream a reality.

Rallying is a family, and it’s amazing how you quickly get to know people and how things can progress. And you’ve found DirtFish, which is precisely the right place to head to to get your first taste of rally driving.

We hope to help and inspire you to make that transition from a wannabe rally driver to a future champion.

Here’s what we have so far…

Getting started

10 cars to start rallying with

How to spectate on a rally

How to enter a rally

How to buy your first rally car

How to buy a historic rally car

How to make a rally car faster

Driving the car

How to do a handbrake turn

How to use the brakes

How to take a square corner

How to choose your line

How to drive on gravel vs asphalt

How to throttle steer

How to jump a rally car

How to get off the line

Preparing the car

How to set up a car for gravel and asphalt