Haunted Hot Laps – A school night to remember

Come along and experience the thrill - or should that be fear! - of Halloween in a truly unique way


Expect the unexpected. After that, things get really spooky. It’s the night DirtFish lets all the skeletons out to play.

It’s Saturday October 28. It’s Haunted Hot Laps.

To the uninitiated, a hot lap around our house is one of the coolest things you’ll ever do. It’s you on the right, one of our expert instructors on the left, 300 horses and a big bunch of smile-wide slides. It’s a blast.

We’d kind of accepted the thrill ride was as good as it would get from us to you. Then fall arrived a few years ago and we dusted down the DirtFish zombies.

What if… Could we? Should we?

Err, yes. Do it.

So we did.


We shipped in more scariness, doubled the ghosts, the ghouls, the glow-in-the-dark, the trick blood and we ran Halloween-crazy across the property. We waited for the sun to go down, bolted some big-beam spots on the front of the Subarus and took off into the night.

Haunted Hot Laps was born.

It’s a hot lap, in the dark and with a twist. A sinister twist.

How good?

“Haunted Hot Laps?” said DirtFish head of strategy Josie Rimmer. “Scariest night of the year. Every year I go out there and tell myself: ‘You’ve seen it all, nothing is going to get you this time…’ Right around that time, something gross jumps out from behind a bush or drops down from a tree and scares the life out of me.


“Everybody gets completely into this one, like the whole school. We all love it and it’s become a bit of a thing to come up with the new scary move; there’s massive care in taking Haunted Hot Laps to the next level.”

And the winner?

You, of course.

Come and join us for an unforgettable night on Saturday October 28. And if you don’t want the ride of your life, then come for themed food trucks. Come for the zombie car show. Or the mini pumpkin patch or the carnival. Come bob an apple.

Make this a school night to remember.