How DirtFish Rally School (and Media) was born

In the second part of a fascinating interview, DirtFish owner Steve Rimmer looks back on the brand's origins

If you’d visited DirtFish Rally School 98 years before we opened our doors, you’d have landed into the opening of the Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Company.

In part two of his fascinating interview, DirtFish owner Steve Rimmer offers the full story of how the world’s best rally school was born out of the 315-acre former mill site. Steve’s insight into delivering the very best possible customer experience, while showcasing the sport he’s clearly passionate about, is captivating.

As you can imagine, there’s more than the odd gem of a look into how the school developed so rapidly. Listen out, for example, for the story of how the City of Redmond’s Police helped speed that process along.

Bringing the story more up-to-date, there’s the thinking behind what you’re reading now: and all of our associated channels. It all started with a day in the woods and a McRae family reunion…

Enjoy part two, and look out for part three later this week.