Meet the DirtFish Team: Daniel Heller

There are many layers to "coach Daniel" at DirtFish and he uses his extensive knowledge and passion to great use

Find us a warmer character than Daniel Heller, we dare you… You might be looking for a while.

Daniel, or ‘coach Daniel’ as he’s often known, is one of our talented team of instructors here at DirtFish Rally School.

But just like all members of our fantastic team, he’s so much more than that.

“Daniel wears many hats,” explains DirtFish head of strategy, Josie Rimmer.

“He’s a strength and training coach, a hockey coach, a mountain bike coach, and a rally instructor… and if that wasn’t enough, he’s doing it all while getting his PhD in Coach Development in Motorsport.

“Daniel is the definition of a hard worker. He is dedicated, passionate, and one of the most loyal people I know.

“He works masterfully to find a unique approach for each student, giving them the best experience possible.

“We are so glad to have Daniel, his great laugh, and his even greater hair around!”

Get to know birthday boy Daniel in this week’s edition of Meet the DirtFish Team, right here:

Words:DirtFish Media