Meet the DirtFish Team: Eugean Thompson

He's fought off bees and charged away bears – no matter the problem, Eugean can fix it

Few people at DirtFish can say they’ve been there from the beginning. But Eugean Thompson is one of them.

He’s been here since DirtFish was helping only a few hundred students improve their driving every year, to the 3000+ we get today.

Whatever needs doing to keep our Rally School running like clockwork and make sure those students have an experience they’ll never forget, Eugean gets it done.

“Our DirtFish property is over 300 acres and requires a lot of maintenance in all areas to keep our programs running like clockwork,” says Sami Dallas, DirtFish director of operations.

“He’s fought off bees. He’s run off bears. He’s the man ‘behind the scenes’ coordinating everything. He tackles employee needs, deals with the needs of our vast estate, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to all who need it.

“His top priority is our students comfort and he prides himself in the quality of work he provides to all of us every day.”

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