Meet the DirtFish Team: Romain Beaulieu

Our photographer has a passion for rallying like few others

It’s hard to describe DirtFish photographer Romain Beaulieu other than saying he’s colorful – both in the work he produces and as a person.

Whether he’s shooting our students out on course or out competing on the stages of the American Rally Association himself, you can’t really miss Romain.

“Romain Beaulieu is our very own, very beloved DirtFish photographer,” says DirtFish head of strategy Josie Rimmer.

“You may have seen him popping out of bushes or laying in the mud, camera raised and covered in dirt because no matter what, he gets the shot.

“We are constantly impressed by Romain’s work ethic and passion for the sport. We love having Romain around… even when he doesn’t have cheese to share!”

And what does Romain do other than rallying and working at DirtFish? He sleeps!

Romain is most certainly a character, and you can meet him in the latest instalment of DirtFish Meet the Team right here:

Video:DirtFish Media