Meet the DirtFish Team: Ryan Skinner

Vehicle technician Ryan Skinner has a big heart and a huge passion for DirtFish and rallying

“Great people, good environment, good vibes.”

Ryan Skinner loves rally, so Ryan Skinner loves DirtFish. And we love Ryan Skinner, one of our invaluable vehicle technicians here at the Rally School.

“Ryan is the steady one. He’s the one when you need some zen, some laughs or some serious help on your car,” said Josie Rimmer, head of strategy at DirtFish.

“He’s also the one to stand there laughing at the engine bay as it makes random noises it really shouldn’t be making. Ryan makes all of us (and all of our cars) a whole lot better.”

A self-confessed Subaru nut and a big family man, learn more about Ryan in this week’s instalment of Meet the DirtFish Team!