Organizing Women’s Month and what it has meant

Today marks the end of DirtFish Women's Month – here's how it came together and what it means to its founder


Today marks the final day of DirtFish’s groundbreaking Women’s Month. We asked the woman behind it all, Josie Rimmer, to give us a behind-the-scenes look at how it has all come together and to describe what the last 31 days have meant to her and all women in motorsport.

The concept for an event celebrating Women in Motorsport occurred in an office that belonged to nobody and included one All-Women’s driving day. That meeting ended and I sat, swirling in my swivel chair, twisting my telephone chord and wondering if we could do more. Needing to do more.

So we did. The first official Women in Motorsport meeting moved to the more professional conference room and hosted a slew of ideas; short-term, long-term, temporary, permanent, within-reach, so-far-out-of-reach it was silly. We decided on two All-Women’s driving days. I returned to the swivel chair and felt the same feeling – more.

I chatted with some of our incredible DirtFish women – Michelle Miller, Sami Dallas, Kelley Clausen-Walters – and they got just as excited as I was. Two All-Women’s days turned to three which turned to four, but it still felt like something was missing. Thus, the WiM Summit was born.


This went through stages, but we knew what we wanted to accomplish. We wanted to bring women together, to create a safe and encouraging and powerful space for the women who have shaped this industry. We wanted representation; drivers, co-drivers, techs, crew, media teams, photographers, journalists, the list goes on and on. We wanted conversation – powerful conversation. And we wanted to share it with our community.

So we got to work. We invited a group of incredible women to serve as our panelists; to represent, to empower, to inspire. We asked ourselves what we’d craved growing up in the rally community, and we realized that what we’d wanted was intimate conversation. There came the idea for the Lunch with the Pros.

And sometimes, when you’re a woman emerging into a male-dominated world, you have to be quite serious. So we wanted a celebration. Then came the idea for a mini SummerFest: live music, thrill rides, raffle prizes, car shows.

We wanted to promote women, so we partnered with four local, women-owned small businesses who sold their products in our lobby. We hosted a female-fronted band. We aligned with the Jessi Combs Foundation to raise money for young women entering into male-dominated sports.

To be completely honest, the Summit took form on its own. The idea for a panel event was shared, and the entire DirtFish team responded with idea after idea, turning this day into something legendary. What made it even more legendary? Michèle Mouton guest editing our website for the entire month of March.

We promised 31 new pieces of content. We delivered. Actually, we over-delivered. Interviews, articles, videos with some of the world’s top Women in Motorsport now exist on DirtFish.

DirtFish Women’s Month has been extraordinary. There is no other word for it. The Summit hosted some of the world’s top Women in Motorsport, and I wish I could describe the sheer power that it held. In complete honesty, there were a few moments where I was brought to tears.


To look around the DirtFish hallways, to see record breaking numbers of women on our property, watching women sharing business cards within five minutes of meeting each other; to witness such strength in such a small space, it was spectacular. An inspiration. And humbling.

To speak on a personal note, rally has provided me with so much more than getting sideways. My rally family has given me even more. It was the place I landed when my previous athletic career slowed down. My brother and I grew closer through it. My family has healed from loss while walking around the service park. My mother inspired the active pursuit of making rally accessible to women.

I am lucky because I learned young that this was a place made for everyone, ready to create a home for anyone who has a desire to catch the view from behind a helmet.

And that’s what we wanted to share. Rally is here for you; for women, for everyone. DirtFish is here for you. And whenever you want to put the gloves on, our doors are open. We can’t wait to see you.