Why you should take DirtFish’s All-Women’s Class

Since their introduction, the classes have proved a huge success


Rallying is about speed. Of course it is. It’s about pushing yourself and your machine as far as you can down a challenging piece of road.

It doesn’t matter what’s happening outside of the car – sometimes, you can’t even see that far ahead. You must tune in, zone in, laser focus on the voice coming from your co-driver. And act.

And when it works? It’s incomparable.

Trust us!

But aside from the thrill of it all, rallying is deeply grown from community. Whether sharing car parts or rally snacks or encouraging a friend after an ‘off’, the sport is meant to be enjoyed together.

DirtFish Rally School’s All-Women’s Classes provide you with both of these things: The sensation of driving a rally car and developing your skills under the guidance of an expert instructor, and the chance to share that joy with other like-minded women.

Since their introduction last year they’ve proved a huge success – but don’t just take our word for it!

“I came into this with pretty high expectations of what I was going to experience, and they’ve been blown away – not only by the DirtFish team but by the women I’ve been able to hang out with this entire time,” said class graduate Talia Pakkala.

“Now I’m a fan for life, I might be coming out to Seattle a little more often!”

Fellow graduate, Mindi Cross, added: “It was amazing! I learned so many things and had so much fun in the car, I can’t stop smiling!”

If you want to better yourself and experience a thrill like no other, you’re in luck. Spaces are still available for the All-Women’s Half Day Rear-Wheel-Drive class on Saturday July 1, but will be selling out fast!

Check out all the details here and reserve your place today.