Coordinating M-Sport’s media and merchandise

Emily Chapman explains her wide-ranging role, which includes being on-site at WRC events


Emily joined M-Sport as a graduate and supports the public image of the company at every turn. From handling media requests to devising press releases and social posts, coordinating driver schedules to managing guest experiences, approving licensed products to ensuring partner integration – Emily oversees it all.

Having studied English literature and history at university, Emily was looking for work in the realm of publishing before her father pointed her in the direction of M-Sport.

Emily had contested a number of road rallies alongside her father, so rallying has always been a part of her life but she never considered it as a career. That was until she took the leap and now finds herself coordinating the PR and marketing of a world championship-winning team and driver.


In her area of expertise, an eye for detail is essential and Emily combines her meticulous approach with a flair for creativity and problem solving. As for the future, she’s keen to see what comes her way with a keenness for new opportunities and a willingness to face every challenge head on.

“Being able to go on events is a big privilege,” says Emily. “It’s hard work and the days are pretty long, but I really enjoy that fast-paced environment and there’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of an event.

“It’s so exciting; there’s always something that needs doing and I get to work alongside everyone. Drivers, co-drivers, technicians, engineers, sporting coordinators – I get to work alongside them all, experiencing but also promoting how everyone’s individual input goes into producing a winning performance.”