DirtFish WiM Summit is GO!

The biggest day in the DirtFish calendar has arrived. Here's what to expect


Summit Saturday has arrived. The time is now. The stage is set. Today, however, is about a different kind of stage.

The DirtFish Women in Motorsport Summit is about bringing together some of the world’s most iconic and influential females and placing them center stage to deliver a single message.

That message?

“Yes, you can,” said DirtFish Women in Motorsport coordinator Josie Rimmer. “The Summit is about inclusion, empowerment, and the message that, yes, you can do it. This is your space.


The DirtFish team can't wait to welcome you to this year's Summit

“We’ve got these incredible, powerhouse women here with us who have some amazing badass careers and experiences to talk about and share. The six panellists we’ll be talking to on stage today are the most amazing, rockstar role models.

“We’ve got circuit racing champions like Michele Abbate or Jndia Erbacher taking a 10,000 horsepower drag car to 60mph in less than a second.

“Welcome Vanessa Ruck with stories that will rock your world. And Becs Williams, simply the best at putting amazing words to amazing pictures in the WRC. Talking of the WRC, we have the new WRC Commission president Pernilla Solberg with us and, of course, Michèle Mouton.

“Michèle needs no introduction. She’s the very definition of inspiration.”


Come and hear what Pernilla Solberg has to say about this week's big WRC news

The Frenchwoman remains the only female to have won at the very peak of FIA competition, she won four rounds of the World Rally Championship in a stellar career which spanned some of the sport’s fastest and most dangerous Group B years.

Michèle, like Pernilla, is back for a second Summit. Neither would miss it.

Michèle, who was also the founding president of the FIA’s Women and Motor Sport Commission, said: “Last year at DirtFish, it was one of the first times that I really thought about what I achieved in 40 years and how this could help other women. Going to the Summit and meeting those people, they really showed me that I was being a role model, I was inspiring them and that’s why I am happy to be back.”

For those fortunate enough to be in Snoqualmie, doors open at DirtFish Rally School at 1015. As well as the panellists, the DirtFish Service Park is a new innovation for this year – with a dynamic insight into joining the sport of rallying as a tech, a volunteer, a driver or a co-driver.


Of course, you can enjoy a thrill ride at the world's best Rally School too!

On top of that, there’s awesome food, the best music and, of course, the chance to meet heroes and make friends.

If you’re anywhere other than the ’Fish on Saturday, just stay right here and watch the Summit livestream.

Just don’t miss it. Days like today change lives and shape futures.