How DirtFish’s first all-women Rally School day went

As part of our Women in Motorsport Month, we held the first all-women day of lessons at DirtFish Rally School


Standing on the steps of the world’s finest rally school, DirtFish’s lead instructor Nate Tennis was beaming a smile as bright at the Seattle sunshine on Friday morning.

In and among the 300 acres stretching before him were 10 women furthering their rally craft at the wheel of our fleet of famous Subarus.

“They’re killing it,” grinned Tennis. “They’re totally killing it. From the moment they walked in this morning, they were totally into the day. This is just fantastic.”

Friday was DirtFish Rally School’s maiden all-women day – one of four through Women’s Month in March (March 11, 18 and 25 are the other days – all sold out).

Josie Rimmer is the driving force behind Women’s Month. It’s because of her that 10 women will leave the Snoqualmie School completely comfortable with their car four-wheel drifting in third gear.

To have the first all-women day up and running is just so cool and something I’m super proud of Josie Rimmer, DirtFish

“We started Women’s Month on Tuesday [March 1],” said Rimmer. “That was when Michèle [Mouton] took over as guest editor and we started running our women-only content on the site. That was a big deal and today’s another massive step. To have the first all-women day up and running is just so cool and something I’m super proud of.”

The steps don’t stop coming, with DirtFish’s inaugural Women in Motorsport Summit planned for Thursday, March 10.

“The Summit is the centrepiece of the month,” said Rimmer. “To have the likes of Rhianon Gelsomino and Sara Price joining us at the school while Emma Gilmour dials in from Down Under is massive. Thursday’s going to be the best day for women from every aspect of the sport, from all over America and the world to get an insight into what it takes to succeed as a women in motorsport.”