Making a difference through the thrill of off-roading

For the second year running, DirtFish and Avants hosted a women-only off-road day


We love going off-road.

A rally driver saying that may spark a debate about the intricate similarities and differences of off-road and rally, but I’m simply going to gloss over that for now. Because last weekend, we hosted Avants Off-Road on our very own course.

Avants, a membership program for car lovers, hosts unbeatable, members-only events throughout the year in all forms of motorsport.

Our DirtFish x Avants off-road days are regularly scheduled programs occurring once a month, every month. But this one was different.

For the second year in a row, this one was women only.


I watched 30 of these women tackle the elevation changes, the water features, and the shifting conditions with skill, grace, and all with huge smiles on their faces. Some in 4Runners, some in jeeps, some in trucks, some in Subarus, and yes, one in a white (too white) Porsche Cayenne.

That once white Cayenne was very quickly covered in mud, and the similarity grew. Regardless of make, model or year, every single car had one thing in common: they’d been marked with muddy speed lines down their sides.

And it wasn’t just drivers! Kids, dogs, and friends were jumping in the passenger seat to get dirty themselves. Many of whom were dressed perfectly for the occasion, representing Women in Motorsport with our Women’s Month tees and Avant’s custom tee, dawning the DirtFish WiM logo.

We say time and time again that Women’s Month goes far beyond rally, and this is a perfect example of that.

No matter the form of motorsport, we are stronger together. And that’s exactly why we’re lucky enough to partner with Avants for events like these – to make a space for women everywhere, whether in the driver’s seat or not.