Mouton’s chance trip that kickstarted her WRC career

Michèle Mouton tells Becs Williams about how a chance trip to Corsica started her life in rallying on this week's SPIN, The Rally Pod


The legend of Michèle Mouton’s World Rally Championship career is well known among rallying fans.

From driving for Audi at the height of its WRC success to winning on the world stage and her recent mission to improve spectator safety, Mouton has had a major influence on the sport during her 50-year career.

But how did it all come about? And how did someone who’d never heard of rallying at the age of 22 go on to achieve so much in the sport?

That’s the subject of the four-time World Rally winner’s fireside chat with WRC commentator Becs Williams, recorded at this month’s DirtFish Women in Motorsport Summit.

The pair also delve into previously unheard stories from Mouton’s career as a driver, and more recently in her roles within the FIA.

So sit back and enjoy this enthralling chat between two WRC icons.