Our highlights of DirtFish’s Women’s Month

As we approach the end of the month, a special edition of SPIN, The Rally Pod reflects the many great stories that were told


Michelle Miller is used to calling pace notes in the ARA or guiding students through the world’s best rally school. This week, she’s added to her repertoire by hosting the final Women’s Month SPIN, The Rally Pod.

And what a fantastic job she did. Sit back and enjoy the next hour as Michelle is joined by Kelley Clausen-Walters, Zander Lozano, Kendra Miller and Tasha Krug to talk through the last month and, specifically, the Women in Motorsport Summit.

There are some fantastic memories of working with the world’s elite women and some slightly less so – namely a visit to Seattle’s ‘living’ gum wall.

Beyond remembering that wonderful Saturday, we also learn more of the journey these pivotal and entirely awesome women have made to join us here at the Fish.