The success of the first All-Women’s Three Day Program

After the success of the all-women One Day Program, a Three Day alternative has been introduced


We’ve completed eight All-Women’s One Day Programs at DirtFish Rally School.

We’ve loved them, our students have loved them, but at the end of each program, we’re asked the same thing: When’s the three-day?”

We listened.  And today, we are celebrating the conclusion of our first All-Women’s Three Day Program.

The class was booked full. Our students arrived early on Monday morning, many of whom also joined us for our second annual Women in Motorsport Summit the Saturday before, and very quickly, we connected.

This is one of the beauties of a women-only class; by the time the classroom session starts, everyone knows each other’s names, has found common ground, and is ready to take on the program together.

There’s a level of camaraderie between students that doesn’t always exist in other classes.


Looking out the window on Wednesday, watching this class slide around in our STIs, going significantly quicker than they began on Monday. I was watching the smiles, the high-fives, and the post-session debriefs that occurred outside of the car.

Senior instructor Michelle Miller said: “I just love these classes.

“The women in these programs always manage to create a perfect environment between each other in which we can all learn. The smiling hasn’t stopped for three days straight!”

There’s nothing better than watching the empowerment that our students gain from these programs. We don’t plan to stop offering them anytime soon.