Alister McRae to drive Subaru Impreza 555 on Mythical Cars Rally

He joins an outstanding entry headed by Marcus Grönholm and Andreas Mikkelsen

Colin McRae Story

There’s something special about a Subaru Impreza 555 with a Scottish flag on it. Especially when the Saltire’s alongside the name McRae.

When Alister McRae lines up at the start of the Logiman Mythical Cars Rally on Friday May 26, he’ll have a big smile on his face.

“When you see – or hear – one of these cars, it’s impossible not to smile,” he said. “Obviously, the 555 is fairly close to the heart for the McRae family. My brother Colin did quite well in one!”

Alister’s elder brother Colin did, of course, win the 1995 World Rally Championship title in a Group A Subaru Impreza 555, the same specification as the one Alister will drive on the Lombardy asphalt next month.

“I drove a Subaru Legacy RS for the Prodrive team in 1993,” said Alister, “but I only did a couple of events in a Group A Impreza. The last time I was in one I retired from the lead on the Azores Rally – an input shaft failed. Hopefully we’ll have more luck this time around.

“There’s something special about these cars and I’m really looking forward to Logiman Mythical Cars. I remember them being an absolute beast back in the day – I hope nothing’s changed!

“To have the invite to go to Italy and compete on what’s looking to be a really impressive event is great. When the phone rings these days, it’s usually for Max!”


Alister’s son Max is just starting out on his career, tackling this year’s Junior European Rally Championship.

Alister added: “We did think about trying to find a way to split the driving in the Subaru at [Logiman] Mythical Cars [Rally]. Max has heard so many stories about what his Uncle Colin did in these cars, he’s really keen to get a shot in one himself. It would have been nice to have done that, but I’m not too disappointed to be doing all of the driving myself!

“We have some really special memories of these cars and those times. It’ll be nice to push the [starter] button and enjoy a great noise and some great memories.”

And, with the news that R-GT cars are permitted into Logiman Mythical Cars Rally as well, it won’t be just the full Group A Subaru that has the ear of the fans.

Logiman Mythical Cars Rally advisor Andrea Adamo said: “This is a great week for Logiman Mythical Cars Rally. First we have the really special news that we can bring R-GT cars to the event and now Alister has confirmed.

“Honestly speaking, to have a McRae with us in this first time we’re running the event is really something special. This family is full of legend and amazing people. I can’t wait to see Alister on the stages and to hear some of his stories when he’s on the other stage!”

Alister joins an outstanding Logiman Mythical Cars Rally entry headed by double world champion Marcus Grönholm and World Rally winner Andreas Mikkelsen.

Based out of Varzi and running across some of the Lombardy’s most spectacular and famous stages, the route is tailored to showcase the best aspects of the sport and the stunning surroundings.

The all-asphalt event is split across two days. The organizer is running an innovative, seven-hour shakedown stage through Friday May 26, with the opening test set for 1948 that evening. Saturday brings six more stages and a total of 78 competitive kilometers.

Open to R-GT cars, Group A, including Super 1600, Super 2000, kit cars and World Rally Cars, entries are available here right now.