Grönholm and Rautiainen reunite for Mythical Cars Rally

Grönholm will drive a Subaru Impreza WRC08 on the event


Two-time World Rally Champion Marcus Grönholm will return to competition for the first time in more than four years when he drives a Subaru Impreza WRC08 at next month’s Logiman Mythical Cars Rally.

The 2000 and 2002 world title winner is looking forward to his return to the stages, but he’s keen to point out that his aspirations and expectations are very much about enjoying the beautiful Logiman Mythical Cars Rally roads.

Marcus, who will be re-united with his co-driving brother-in-law Timo Rautiainen in Varzi, said: “It was really nice to have this offer from Andrea [Adamo, Logiman Mythical Cars Rally advisor]. It’s been a while since I was driving – I don’t remember the last time, I think it was Sweden [in 2019].

“The priority for me is to have some fun – nothing more! I don’t want people to start expecting the big result or a big push from me. I’m not coming back to be world champion and I won’t drive like an idiot. I will just enjoy the drive and the atmosphere around this event.

Rally de Portugal, Faro 2-5 04 2009

“I understand there will be a lot of fans in the town and out on the stages – I will try to entertain them and have a good time with them. This is the main thing for me. Driving the Subaru is maybe a good plan from Andrea; OK I have some history with this car, but not so big history. If I was driving the [Peugeot] 206 WRC, then maybe I would be tempted to think it was 2002 again and I could push like hell!

“I won’t do that. But I will enjoy the weekend. And Timo [Rautiainen, co-driver] is looking forward also. He is busy with the sport, but I think both of us are going to enjoy being back in the stages.”

Logiman Mythical Cars Rally advisor Andrea added: “Marcus has always been one of the great entertainers in the world championship.

“Like everybody, I was always waiting for him to come to the end of the stage to tell us another story. I hope he can bring some of those stories when we meet in Varzi. He’s an amazing person and, of course, a very amazing driver!

“What’s also really nice is that he doesn’t compete so much, so to have here with us is really special. I understand his thinking on the competition: he’s been there and stood on top of the world. We want him to enjoy himself – a very big part of Logiman Mythical Cars Rally is the engagement with the fans in the service park in Varzi. We will be making a big show and Marcus has always been the very big showman!”

Grönholm is the latest star signing for Logiman Mythical Cars Rally, with Andreas Mikkelsen already confirmed in a Škoda Fabia S2000 – the car which launched the Norwegian’s career.

The all-asphalt, all-action Logiman Mythical Cars Rally is split across two days, starting on  Friday May 26, with the opening test set for 1948 that evening. Saturday brings six more stages and a total of 78 competitive kilometres.

Open to Group A, including Super 1600, Super 2000, kit cars and World Rally Cars, entries are available here.