ARA DirtFish Live Center returns for Ohio!

After the success on Olympus and Oregon, DirtFish Live Center is back for another ARA round


Launched in time for the Monte Carlo Rally in January, DirtFish Live Center was an overnight sensation in terms of multi-platform World Rally Championship coverage. The audience is measured in its millions.

A Stateside DirtFish Live Center was rolled out in time for our home round of Green APU American Rally Association, the DirtFish Olympus Rally. Again, the demand was huge.

Working in partnership with Green APU ARA, we continued the service at last month’s Oregon Trail Rally and now we’re looking forward to more of the same at this week’s Southern Ohio Forest Rally.

DirtFish head of media David Evans said: “The enthusiasm and appreciation with which DirtFish Live Center has been greeted around the world has been humbling. Here at the ‘Fish, we’re all rally fans, we can’t get enough of this sport, and the opportunity to share that passion on a platform like the Live Center is fantastic.

“Olympus and OTR have been two of the best rallies I can remember covering for a very long time: so much fun, so much adventure (rattlesnakes aside) and so much respect and recognition for everybody in and around the Green APU ARA. It’s a genuine privilege to be able to broadcast every aspect of American rallying to the world’s four corners. That’s what we’ll be doing again this week.”

From Thursday evening’s spectacular Yoctangee Street Stage in Chillicothe, we’ll chase the stories from every competitor, National and Regional.

You know where to go for the best of the best when it comes to Southern Ohio Forest Rally and Green APU ARA coverage: DirtFish Live Center.

You’ll find everything you need including the most entertaining stage-end reporting, the best commentary and brilliant deep-dive analysis at the virtual ‘Fish.