Digging deeper into a truly extraordinary ARA round

SPIN, The Rally Pod takes a look beyond Oregon Trail Rally's headline events of both works Subarus both retiring


Oregon Trail Rally threw plenty of curveballs. The headline, naturally, was both Subaru factory cars retiring within a mile of one another and opening the door for its 12-rally winning streak to be broken.

But it was about more than Subaru’s unexpected disaster. An ARA cameo might become something more after Ricardo Cordero got to taste the winner’s champagne – albeit at the expense of a potential first win for Sam Albert’s Ferrari-powered Subaru. And then there’s the story of how Sean Edwards went to extreme lengths to keep his Volvo in the race.

Brenten Kelly, David Evans and Alasdair Lindsay are joined by Edwards in this week’s SPIN, The Rally Pod to talk everything Oregon Trail. Listen below or on your favorite podcast platform.