DirtFish Live Center added to Olympus Rally coverage

For the first time since we launched it, the DLC service will be used on a non-WRC event


Are you ready? You better be. Next weekend’s a very, very big one for us. DirtFish Live Center will be operating at DirtFish Olympus Rally and Croatia Rally.

For Saturday and Sunday (April 22/23), we’re going to be offering near 24-hour rally coverage via the DLC.

DirtFish Live Center is our new-for-2023 on-event service which provides live news, comment and analysis in written, video and audio form for the duration of a rally. So far, we’ve run the service on the first three rounds of the World Rally Championship and enjoyed a massive response (thank you for that!), but the time has come to branch out.

And what better place than our biggest rally of the season?

Being our home round of the Green APU American Rally Association, DirtFish Olympus Rally is an event we hold dear here in Snoqualmie. That’s why we’re giving next week’s Washington State event the full DirtFish Live Center treatment.

DirtFish Olympus Rally is a huge event for us. Lots of us head down there carrying our driving gloves, pacenote books, tool rolls and cameras. It’s a big weekend out from the School and one we look forward to every season.

The combination of Olympus and Croatia make for our biggest and busiest weekend of the season so far. Enjoy the content and don’t forget to get involved!

Words:David Evans