Oregon Trail Rally latest ARA round to be postponed

"Several restrictions" as a result of coronavirus outbreak means DirtFish-backed event is put on hold


The DirtFish Oregon Trail Rally has become the latest American Rally Association series event to be postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Previously, the 100 Acre Wood Rally has been called off completely and the Olympus Rally postponed, but now the next scheduled event – originally slated for May 29-31 – has also been put on hold.

“Over the past few weeks, American Rally Association officials, in lockstep with ARA event organizers, have been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has affected not only motorsport, but the daily activities of millions around the world,” ARA said in a statement.

“Due to several restrictions, including a prolonged hold on permitting needed to run on public roads, the DirtFish Oregon Trail Rally Oregon Trail Rally scheduled for May 29-31, 2020 will be postponed. Event organizers are hoping to find a date later in the year to run the iconic rally.

“As the COVID-19 outbreak grows in the United States, one of the evolving consequences has been the increasing strain it has put on local governmental and health organizations across the country.

“Most rallies take place primarily on public roads and utilize public spaces, making the permitting process an added pressure to those who manage these spaces during this time. This includes emergency medical and law enforcement resources utilized during the rally.”

ARA said it still intends to host a full season, although how this will be achieved remains to be seen.

“Our intent is to get a full season of rally in this year,” said ARA series manager Doug Shepherd.

“We are asking all of the event organizers, teams, and sponsors to be patient, and flexible, as we work through an ever-changing landscape.”