Subaru Launch Control Season 7 – Episodes 1-4

Episode 1

On this episode of Subaru Launch Control, it’s the dawn of the 2019 season at the 100 Acre Wood Rally. Subaru Motorsports USA returns in the iconic blue and gold with a new driver lineup. The Solberg name is synonymous with Subaru rallying, but this is the next generation facing off against the defending champion, David Higgins.

Episode 2

Anticipation builds for Day 2 of the 100 Acre Wood Rally, and a surprise addition to the rallycross team brings a wealth of experience.

Episode 3

Higgins and Solberg face off again at the Olympus Rally in Washington, and the rallycross team conducts its final test before the season starts.

Episode 4

After years of trying to reach the podium, Subaru hopes their new rallycross car will carry them to top step at Mid-Ohio. But the weekend won’t be without it’s challenges.