Biasion goes back to Lancia

The two-time world champion will play a fundamental role in the Ypsilon Rally4 HF’s development

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Last month’s story of a Lancia return to rallying was almost perfect. Almost. On Friday, perfection came a step closer with the news that Miki Biasion will return to Lancia to help steer the development of the Ypsilon Rally4 HF.

Thirty-three years after he signed off as a Lancia employee, having delivered more success to the Italian brand than any other name on the manufacturers’ star-studded line-up, Biasion is back.

In the words of Lancia brand CEO Luca Napolitano, the man who delivered 16 world rally wins and two world drivers’ titles, will be “fundamental to the development” of the Ypsilon Rally4 HF and its road car cousin – both of which will be launched next year.

Biasion said: “I’m highly honored to be able to support the Lancia Product Team in the adjustment of the setup and handling of the Ypsilon HF, offering genuine sporty driving pleasure to its drivers.

“I’m also delighted to work with the Stellantis Motorsport Team on refining the performance of the Ypsilon Rally 4 HF: setup, braking, and engine calibration.

“I hope I can inspire all the young drivers making their way with our Lancia Ypsilon Rally 4 HF, towards becoming the professionals and champions of the future. The Lancia of victories and races is back, and I’m more than glad to be part of that.”

Talking to DirtFish about Lancia’s return, Biasion admitted it was something he’d been pushing hard.

“For many years I worked for this,” he said. “And finally, they decided to do the Rally4. It’s a very good way to be back in motorsport again and it’s very important for motorsport to have a brand like Lancia competing.”

Biasion back

Biasion (left) will be fundamental to the developemnet of the Ypsilon HF road car and the Rally4 HF

Napolitano underlined the importance of having Biasion working with Lancia again. He added: “Lancia is taking another step forward in its renaissance journey. In late May, we previewed two major new models, to be launched officially in 2025: the New Lancia Ypsilon HF, the high-performance version of the first car of the brand’s new era and the Lancia Ypsilon Rally 4 HF, the model that will mark Lancia’s official return to the world of rallying, in line with its legendary sporting history.

“The natural ‘spokesperson’ for this dual comeback could only be Miki Biasion, the most successful Italian rally driver of all time, who contributed to making Lancia the brand that won more than any other in the sport’s history. His many years of experience with the Lancia Corse team will be fundamental to the development of both cars.

“The beginning of a new chapter in the history of the brand’s renaissance, characterized by ambition, pragmatism and humility, fully in line with the brand’s DNA.”

Now all that’s needed is the backing of a firm famous for cocktails…

Rac Rally Harrogate (GBR) 25-28 11 1990

Two-time world champion Biasion won 16 rounds of the WRC with Lancia, making him the marque's most successdul driver