DirtFish Black Friday Cyber Monday sale is NOW LIVE!

The prices of all classes are being slashed by 20%


One-fifth, two-tenths, 20%. Whichever you prefer, the outcome is the same: an exceptional deal on a DirtFish Rally School class.

Want to spend February 12-14 learning to drive an awesome Subaru WRX STI at the bargain price of $4400 (reduced from $5499)? You know where to come.

In terms of All-Women classes, Sunday December 3 is your target date and your bill is slashed from $2199 to $1760 for that one-day.

Have a look at the dates and the deals available from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday. Our director of sales Adam Papp is waiting to welcome you.

“These deals are amazing,” said Papp. “It’s fantastic to see the classes filling up with drivers who are about to have the time of their lives, and who will get an awesome discount doing it.

“Come on, get involved. Land yourself a real deal.”