DirtFish SummerFest: Everything you need to know

One of the standout events of the DirtFish calendar is just around the corner. Here's what to expect from SummerFest 2023


Just a few days left before we open our doors to this year’s SummerFest (Saturday July 8) which promises to be bigger and better than ever!

First up, no tickets required. Just follow the signs in, park up and have the time of your life from noon.

All-American off-road hero Sara Price and defending American rally champ Brandon Semenuk are both making their debut at the event. And we’re super-stoked to have them. Ask for a selfie. Or maybe have them autograph stuff – just not your dog (unless you want your dog autographed – that would be a DirtFish first).

Come and be inspired by two of the biggest names in motorsport right now.


What to expect at SummerFest ’23

Ready to have your world rocked? Head to the Thrill Ride tent and buy your seat ($100 per passenger, credit card preferred) alongside one of our expert instructors in a fully-prepped Subaru BRZ. Just do it. The world will never look the same again.

DJ Yanni returns to DirtFish this year to get the party started! He’s a regular at SummerFest and will certainly keep the House (as well as Hip-Hop and Lounge) in order on what’s going to be a fun-filled family day.

No need to cook on Saturday, we’ve got your back. There is something for everyone. Mexican from QT, Italian from PizzaManiac, all-American from Ryan’s Rez-Ipes or coffee from Canela to name just a few.  Enjoy the food!


The Avants Off-Road team has put together an awesome day of adventure! This is a great opportunity to meet fellow off-roaders and have some fun out on the course. Passengers and pets welcome – $60 per vehicle (max 30 vehicles).

Lose yourself in Subaru’s expo trailer – yes the one that holds Travis Pastrana’s Gymkhana car (yes, the one that jumped over a helicopter). Find out everything you need to know about everything, especially the stuff you need to know about the very awesome Subaru Motorsports USA.

If that wasn’t enough we also have a display of some of the world’s most stunning cars and rally raffle for charity. If your number’s called, it’s two tickets to Cars and Cigars. Or how about wine tasting? Tickets to Snoqualmie Casino for a concert? The list goes on.

If you’re planning to display your car at the rally car show, please arrive for load in at 1030am.

Bring friends and family (and please don’t forget the dog!) to DirtFish from 12pm-3pm to put the festival into summer and, of course, celebrate all things rally.

With the sun promising to shine on Saturday (obviously… it’s SummerFest!),  what better way to spend your afternoon than enjoying a cold one served by our fabulous beer garden partner Volition?

Sounds awesome. Sounds like SummerFest.

Words:DirtFish Media