Helmet cams getting closer for WRC

WRC Promoter will deliver helmet camera technology to its coverage, but only when it offers the perfect picture

Helmet story

The prospect of the World Rally Championship introducing helmet cameras to coverage is tantalizing for viewers and something that has received a positive reaction from crews in the service park. It’s getting closer.

Conveying the thrill of rallying to the fanbase has not always been an easy feat, given the challenging geographical terrain and often harsh weather conditions the events run in. Onboard cameras have offered a fascinating and dynamic view for a long time, but the helmet cam is something the promoter has been working on closely with helmet manufacturers including Stilo and Bell for some time now.

Integrating a driver’s-eye view will bring fans closer to the action than ever before.

Florian Ruth, senior director of content and communications for WRC Promoter, admitted discussions on helmet cameras are at an advanced stage but implementation could still take time.

Ruth told DirtFish: “WRC Promoter is collaborating extensively with Stilo to develop a camera system specifically designed for open-face helmets commonly worn by drivers and co-drivers at the elite level of rallying.

“Ensuring top-notch image quality is crucial for this project. Therefore, when this camera is homologated, we want to be confident that it provides fans with an almost perfect driver’s-eye view from the world’s most thrilling cockpit.”

WRC drivers have also given their backing to the idea of helmet cameras, with Toyota’s Takamoto Katsuta pointing to Formula 1’s example of giving fans a point-of-view perspective during stages.

“Yeah, it’s nice because it’s showing what we are seeing,” Katsuta told DirtFish.

“It [would be] nice to show it somehow like Formula 1 is doing, that would be interesting. But the difficult thing is how it’s connected on the helmet, and this was going to be a bit of a problem. But, if it’s possible, it’d be nice.”


Neuville is already discussing options for a helmet cam with his intercom and helmet partners

WRC points leader Thierry Neuville is a big fan of helmet cameras becoming part of the wider TV coverage.

“Definitely,” the Hyundai driver said. “And, I mean, the first helmet cam supplier for Formula 1 has been Bell, my helmet partner.

“We are trying things, and I can tell you that it’s really promising and really looking great.”