Join DirtFish in our new Behind the Scenes series

Aiming to give you a unique insight into the world of rally reporting, experience Otago through David Evans' eyes

Want to come behind the scenes? Want to delve a little deeper into the World Rally Championship? Always looking at ways to evolve our coverage here at DirtFish, we’re going to try something new.

Offering unique insight is what we strive to do, but this is taking our privileged access to another level. We’re looking to really bring you with us on our journey through the world of rallying in 2023.

We’re not calling it a vlog, even if it is like a vlog in style. Instead, we’re simply calling it Behind the Scenes.

If we did pilots, this would be it. As you know, we worked closely with Otago Rally a couple of weeks ago and we tasked David Evans with providing footage of his trip from London around the world and down some of planet earth’s finest roads.

This is the result. Let us know what you think. Don’t be too harsh, we’re just starting out on this one and we’re keen to get your take. What do you want to see in these videos?

They won’t just be coming from rallies, we’ll be taking you with us on tests, roadtrips and, of course, to the mother ship in Snoqualmie.

Words:David Evans