M-Sport’s Hayley Harrod: Why she loves rally cars

We meet the junior technician to find out about her role working on M-Sport Rally2 cars, and her ambitions

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As a junior technician, Hayley Harrod is responsible for preparing and maintaining M-Sport’s Rally2 cars on event. Ensuring a consistently high level of quality build, she works closely with her fellow technicians and engineers to deliver performance and reliability.

Despite having a degree in Motorsport Engineering, Hayley prefers practical work and is at her happiest when getting her hands dirty working on the rally cars.

While studying for her degree at Coventry University, she spent a year producing high-horsepower engines for use in the shipping and mining industries, and ran a BMW 330i in the 750 Motor Club before making the move to Cumbria and joining the M-Sport family.

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As for the future, her ambition is to continue learning from her experienced colleagues – adding to her own knowledge and skillset with the ultimate goal of becoming a lead technician.

She’s particularly inspired by our very own Gavin Grimshaw who has carved out a niche in the company by successfully combining his engineering expertise with the practicalities of hands-on car maintenance and build.

“I’m too practical for an office-based job, and love getting my hands dirty whilst working on the rally cars,” she says.

“The most important part of this job is having a willingness to learn. The motorsport industry moves so quickly that there’s always something new to get to grips with, and having the confidence to ask questions is what makes the difference when it comes to increasing your own knowledge becoming a better technician.”

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