Propshaft failure caused Lappi to stop on Safari shakedown

Hyundai is attempting to fix the car so he can complete one pass at full speed

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Lappi is taking on his first ever Safari Rally this weekend but things started badly as a loud knocking noise suddenly started coming from his Hyundai halfway through the shakedown test.

Lappi brought his i20 N Rally1 to a stop on the stage before crawling through and eventually making it to the remote service, where the problem has been confirmed to be a broken propshaft.

Hyundai’s mechanics are fixing the car in the hope that Lappi can do at least one pass of shakedown at speed.

“For sure we don’t want to break more than what’s already broken, so we just wanted to make sure we would fix the car for the rally,” Lappi told DirtFish.

“They can do amazing things in a short time so I have good confidence we can go back [to shakedown], yes.

“I hope I can manage to do one run at least in the time range.”

Always seeing the bright side, the Finn added: “The spot [where we stopped] was nice where we stopped, so everything is good!”