The best images from competitive rallying’s return

Rallying (almost) as we know it is back at last – check out the best of the shots from Sweden last weekend

Swedish Rally Lockdown 2020-06-07 Foto Tony WelamMattias Ekstrom

Nothing’s normal at the moment. When the World Rally Championship departed Rally México three months ago, who’d have thought the next time rally cars would have seen the light of a competitive day, it would’ve been back in Torsby? The odds would have been fairly long.

But Sunday took a handful of drivers back to the scene of round two and a stage made famous as a normally snowy powerstage. Rally Sweden Lockdown was born out of the coronavirus and the subsequent absence of sport.

Watching rally cars pressing on down the road adjacent to the runway at Torsby airport was odd. Early summer drizzle put coats on backs, but otherwise it was just plain strange to see competition on that stage at this time of the year.

Here’s evidence of a great Sunday of sport: