What’s next for DirtFish Live Center

We know DirtFish Live Center isn’t the finished product, but we are happy with the start


Last week’s Monte Carlo Rally marked the start of something completely new for DirtFish.com. DirtFish Live Center was an all-new innovation for us. Three years in and we wanted to trial something new.

You liked it. You visited in your millions, generating close to three million page views across the four days.

Thank you. Before the event, we talked about the desire to create a community, an area which is yours as much as ours. We’re getting there.

We know DirtFish Live Center isn’t the finished product, we’ll evolve the platform through the season – including, for example, enhanced audio for Sweden – but we’re pretty happy with the start.

DirtFish owner Steve Rimmer said: “When the team told me about the concept of DirtFish Live Center, I was excited. When I saw the content unfolding, I was hooked. What a fantastic way to follow a rally – everything I needed was there, in one place.

“Waking up in Seattle, we’re eight or nine hours behind Europe and it could be quite frustrating that you couldn’t track the day chronologically, minute-by-minute. I’ve got to be honest and say I wasn’t at my most productive for the first couple of hours of Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning last week!

“Since the Rally School opened in 2010, rallying has been so close to our hearts here in Seattle. We’re all about sharing this sport with the world – that’s been a driving force for DirtFish Media. To see the ‘virtual’ community spirit around DirtFish Live Center was fantastic. At the end of the day, we’re just one very big bunch of rally fans!

“Naturally, we’d love to welcome all those rally fans who want to take the next step to get in a car and feel the real-time energy we have here at DirtFish Rally School. Book a course, come join us!


“Huge congratulations to Rob [Hansford] and Luke [Barry] in the office and the boots on the ground: Colin [Clark], Eliot [Barnard], Josie [Rimmer] and David [Evans]. I can’t wait for Sweden now.”

Same here, Steve.

Once again, thanks to all those who offered feedback across the rally week. If there’s anything you think we can improve on, don’t hesitate to shout. You know where we are.

Words:David Evans