DirtFish Live Center to launch from Monte Carlo

DirtFish Live Center will provide you with rolling news throughout all WRC events


Hello and welcome.

I was going to say Happy New Year, but I think we’re a bit late for that and a fortnight in a tent has empowered Colin Clark to testify that we’re no longer new to 2023.

So welcome to year four of DirtFish.com being the only place for all your rallying requirements. The first three years were an absolute blast (global pandemic notwithstanding) and now seemed like a good moment to set our stall out for the year ahead.

You’ll be delighted to know, the mothership’s been modified. We’ve built ourselves an extension and called it the DirtFish Live Center.

Here at DirtFish we’re constantly striving to improve our offering to you, the world’s best sports fans. And we do that because we’re the same, you and I: we live, breathe and sleep (and eat, in my case…) rallying.

DirtFish Live Center is a major evolution in our event coverage. We’re partnering with one of the world’s leading content delivery platforms to bring you rolling news across rally weekends.


DirtFish Live Center lifts off on Thursday and will bring you all the news as it happens. One page and one place will keep you constantly up to speed with the Monte Carlo Rally. As well as written content, there will be immediate video content as well as embedded audio, pictures and commentary.

DirtFish will, of course, continue to offer the best analysis of all things rallying.

We’re committed to constant improvement here at DirtFish. And we want you to be part of that process. The ability for you to join the debate and have your voice heard is another big element of that continued evolution.

It’s already been one heck of a season, with the shocking and utterly tragic loss of Ken Block and a fascinating Dakar in Saudi.

Whatever comes our way in the next 50 weeks, DirtFish.com is the place to read all about it.

Enjoy the site, it’s your mothership as much as ours.

Words:David Evans