Analyzing the major Rally Finland moments

George Donaldson has been through the onboard to deliver the expert's view on SPIN, The Rally Pod


Ott Tänak and Hyundai traveled home from Jyväskylä with the biggest smiles on their faces. They’d done it. They’d won the gravel grand prix.

But Finland bites, and there are plenty of other crews that spent their flights home licking their wounds instead.

In this week’s edition of SPIN, The Rally Pod, George ‘the anorak’ Donaldson takes center stage and delivers some fascinating analysis of the biggest moments from round eight of the 2022 World Rally Championship.

While David Evans and Colin Clark were busy in Finland last weekend, Donaldson became best friends with his laptop and took a deep dive into WRC+ to watch all of the key onboards.

Where did Oliver Solberg get it wrong? How did Craig Breen run wide over that crest? Was it definitely a pacenote change that caused Esapekka Lappi’s penultimate stage roll?

Sit down, relax and enjoy a Donaldson masterclass.