Breen “shouldn’t have made” his Finland mistake – M-Sport

M-Sport team principal Richard Millener encouraged Breen to push in Finland, but thinks he pushed too hard over one crest


M-Sport team principal Rich Millener has condemned Craig Breen’s Rally Finland mistake, saying it’s “a mistake that shouldn’t happen”.

Breen crashed out on SS12 after hitting a rock that was embedded in undergrowth after landing from a crest.

That impact ripped the rear-right wheel from his Puma Rally1 car, forcing him to immediately retire from the rally.

Breen’s latest incident comes after three consecutive World Rally Championship retirements since his podium in Sardinia, and what will be even more frustrating is the fact Breen was running fifth, 35.6 seconds off the rally lead at the time of the incident.


And speaking after about the incident, Milliner didn’t hold back in his frustration about the retirement.

“That’s honestly, that’s just too fast.,” Millener said. “That bank was there for a while, so that’s a mistake we shouldn’t really be seeing unfortunately.

“That one there is a mistake that shouldn’t happen because it’s clear if you go wide on that crest you’re gonna be in the bank.

“I understand that he’s trying to get the positions we want to see, but retirements are 10 times worse than anything else. So it’s frustrating.”

Millener M-Sport Sweden
It might be OK. We just need to see when it comes back Richard Millener on whether Breen can restart on Sunday

Millener couldn’t confirm if Breen will be able to restart on Sunday, explaining that the team would need to inspect the car for any damage to the rollcage first, but he admitted there’s potential for the damage to be extensive.

“From what it looks like there it probably hasn’t damaged the cage,” Millener said.

“It’s just the rock that’s in the bank that has hit the bottom of the suspension arms and that doesn’t move, so something’s got to give.

“The next thing to give will be the bearings and the housings that keep it attached to the car so that just comes flying off the car.


“But it’s what damage it does on the way out as well, which way it goes out and you saw from EP [Esapekka Lappi]’s accident in Sardinia.

“That wheel came off there, there was a huge amount of damage because the cage and all sorts on the inside as well.

“So it looks like with that speed, going through there, it’s probably just come out the back and bent all the exhaust and everything underneath there.

“But it’s whether any of the parts as it gets pulled off damages the cage, but it might be OK. We just need to see when it comes back.”