Carpool Rallyoke with Elfyn Evans

Kalle Rovanperä is out the car, and Elfyn Evans is in. But he doesn't want to ride shotgun, he wants to drive

Kalle Rovanperä had spotted a familiar face at the side of the road.

“Is that Elfyn?” he asked Colin Clark as the pair cruised round Finland in Takamoto Katsuta’s Toyota GR Yaris recce car.

“You better get out,” replied Colin, pulling up to trade one Toyota World Rally Championship driver for another. But further change was afoot.

“Not a chance am I getting in that with you,” quipped Elfyn. “Get out! I’m not a good passenger, sorry.”

So Clark was demoted to riding shotgun as Evans took the wheel for the latest episode of Carpool Rallyoke.

Watch on as the pair discuss Elfyn’s rallying career to date, what he does for thrills and the TV shows his twin boys make him watch!

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