FIA: Further WRC engine reductions coming

WRC manufacturers already set to be restricted to two per season for each car from 2022

Engine 2022 pic

World Rally Championship teams are likely to have to get used to running one engine per car for an entire season under future rules.

Currently teams can use three engines each season in each car, but that will come down to two under the 2022 WRC rule changes as those specify an allocation of two engines per car each year for a three-car team and four per year for a two-car line-up.

FIA rally chief Yves Matton said there will be another reduction to come.

“There is a common agreement on the base we have for the moment, but I can tell you our idea is to go further in the future,” he told DirtFish.

“The first step comes in 2022, but in the future we want to go further.”

Asked if that meant one engine per season was planned, Matton replied: “That would be a dream, but the first step would be… I cannot tell you a number because tomorrow you would be able to make a good paper from each manufacturer complaining about it.

“But it needs to be a common process on engines that are doing high mileage in one season.”

The WRC’s top-level cars will retain the same Global Race Engine formula currently in use, though this will be supported by a hybrid power system that will be supplied by Compact Dyanmics.