Ford Focus WRC vs Ford Fiesta Rally2 – which is best?

Hollie McRae chats to Rich Millener about the two beautiful Fords from different generations

It’s a choice you’re probably never likely to face, but it’s always fun to imagine isn’t it? If you could grab the keys to either a 22-year-old Ford Focus WRC or the very latest Ford Fiesta Rally2 and go for a drive, which would you strap yourself into?

Both were built by M-Sport, both are four-wheel drive with turbocharged engines, and both can withstand whatever the rallying world has to throw at them.

The Focus was built to compete at the very forefront of the World Rally Championship while the Fiesta plies its trade in the WRC2 support class. However, technology has advanced a great deal over the last two decades – so which would be quicker?

“It’s a good question,” admits M-Sport team principal Rich Millener before going on to explain the differences between the two in this exclusive DirtFish video.

Presented by the late Colin McRae’s daughter, Hollie, we compare and contrast these two beautiful rally cars and the environments in which they competed.

And please let us know which you’d pick if you had the choice. You can do that in the comments section below. We still haven’t made up our mind…